Displaying Orchids in Your Home and Garden

When it comes to displaying your Orchids there are a number of things that you will need to consider.

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Depending on variety, you will need to ensure that your plants have the appropriate amount of light and space as well as humidity and placement plays a big part in how well your Orchids will thrive.

Displaying Orchids Indoors

If you are growing your Orchids indoors, it is recommended that you place your plants near a window, and this in itself can have a big impact on aesthetic effect.

You will also need to take into account the direction your plants will grow in, i.e. whether they are Terrestrial or Epiphytic; Monopodial or Sympodial.

You will need to bear in mind that some Orchids can grow up to several meters long and will therefore require ample amount of space in which to mature.

Orchids are known for their dazzling array of colours and differing flower structures and this too is something you may wish to think about. With such a massive choice, it is easy to find colours and varieties that will match the colour scheme of your home whilst adding a touch of the exotic.

When in bloom, Orchids are second-to-none in terms of elegance making them a popular choice amongst florists for bouquets and wedding displays and they can be remarkably understated.

You may wish to make your plants a centrepiece, combining varieties and colours to make a superb, eye-catching feature or you may wish to simply have a single plant to add a modest, inconspicuous touch of class to any room.

Displaying Orchids at Weddings and Other Events


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If you are using Orchids for display at a particular event, there is guaranteed to be a variety for any occasion.

For many years, Orchids have been hugely popular for wedding displays, representative of beauty, they are guaranteed to elicit a positive response from guests who will be in awe of their stunning presence; whites, pinks, reds and pastels are all highly popular but when using orchids you will never be constricted should you choose do stray from the norm.

Such is their sheer versatility, you may also wish to use other varieties of flower to compliment your orchids, bulk up displays and keep down costs. Submerged displays are also highly popular and can definitely add that extra wow factor.

Displaying Orchids Outdoors


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If you live somewhere with a warm climate, you may wish to grow your orchids outdoors.

This is the ideal environment for Epiphytic orchids which grow naturally on rocks and trees. Although it is possible to create this effect within the home, by growing outdoors your plants will be given ample space to grow and thrive in a more natural environment.

The opportunities are seemingly endless when it comes to displaying your orchids, and if cared for properly, the desired aesthetic effect you wish to achieve can last for several years, with beautiful sprays of delightful colour every summer, creating an impressive feature for you and your guests to admire.

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